Videos are the lifeblood of social media and increasingly the go-to tool to be seen and heard online. It's very smart to be making video content, the equivalent of having a website 10 years ago. 

We often work directly with companies who choose to side-step the creative agency and choose to work directly with us.

From our perspective as a potential client, this is what you should know about the process. 

To make a project great, we strive for a truly collaborative experience. We are experts in filming and making things look great, but we need to work with you to make sure your favorite and game-changing facts about what you do are front and center, and we've maximized the resources available on any budget.  


We ask clients to send us 2-3 sample videos that they love (and why).  Hopefully, since you are here and you've liked something and we have a creative vibe. However creative work is as subjective as it gets and the best communication tool for videos is videos.

On a basic level, we need to have access to your branding package, fonts, and logos in original files, so what we create fits perfectly with everything else you have.