Our philosophy for a corporate video is two-fold. One is to emphasize people and personal stories, don't let your corporate video look like it was assembled on a stock website, with time-lapses, city drone shots, people exchanging business cards. Some of these shots are so overused that people may be tired looking at them because they've seen them so many times before. Future-proof your video by making the foundation compelling.

Secondly, video is a very visual and honest format. The secret power is to tell something genuine, and the pitfall is to write a script for what sounds best and have Chun from accounting memorize/read it. It might work with paid actors but viewers
 are incredibly perceptive. They can see that it's not what Chun really believes and you lose the incredible convincing power that video can have. 

Again we like to hone in on unique aspects of your company which translates better in video. Let Katie from marketing genuinely share why she is passionate about where the company is heading. A subtle difference in planning but will make the difference between a video that starts to feel a bit generic and something that communicates something meaningful.